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The Home Stretch

Posted by Michael Floyd on August 27, 2013 at 6:20 PM

Hasn't been a lot of time out there on the road for blogging, although been asked many times if we are. Working out the on-going logistics of our challenge has taken up a tremendous amount of what precious little free time we have. Relying on connectivity and cell phone service was a giant issue through the heart of Canada (whodda thought?), not having power supply for charging the phone, the computer, the camera... We've had to learn to exist without those comforts when they've been unavailable and rightly so, a great wake-up to getting back to fundamentals and being extremely grateful to have them!! We'll continue to update the Facebook with our progress and be far more diligent with blogging our progress.

OMG we've experienced a myriad of eye-opening mini-adventures, jaw-dropping views, incredibly uncomfortable scenarios, scary traffic situations and road conditions, brutal elements and extreme weather, endured relentless muscle and injury pain unlike we've ever known, every day's victory getting bigger and sweeter with every battle won. Easy to do when with the clarity of purpose, with each other, the team, and the unwavering support and love of all the people of Canada that we've met everywhere we've been. The details of all of these and so many more experiences to share. A culmination of what we'd expected would be life-changing realizations beginning to manifest into "Oh WOW!" with many more to come.

Hard to find the time to put THAT into words while on this trek. The notes are taken, the details documented, the hard-cover will be available soon in your favorite bookstore.

Until then.... WE STILL GOT WORK TO DO!! 1200 kms to go on th stretch run from Calgary to Victoria!!

(We`ve found ourselves saying those words recently - "...ONLY 1700 kms to go" or "ONLY 1500 kms to go". Seems like an unreasonable statement to most people that we meet, just shake their heads and laugh...)

We're riding into Calgary on Thursday August 29th with a crew of longboarders at 7:00pm for the 10K push from the skate park at Chestermere Lake to Atlas Pizza and Sports Bar in Calgary (on Memorial Drive near 68 Street NE) for some short R&R and celebration. We'll be at the park at 7:00, get to Atlas Pizza & Sports Bar at 8:00. Any longboarders that would like to join us...see you at the skate park. If you need a ride, meet at Atlas Pizza by 6:30. If you're not a rider, meet us at Atlas anyway :)

Then it`s time to get back to work!! Ohhhh yeeaaaahhhhh!!!

Cheers and Love...


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