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Long For Life

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Donate Directly to the


(Charitable Receipt Available)


Donate Directly to 

Coast To Coast Against Cancer Foundation

(Charitable Receipt Available)


You can also donate or lend any of these necessary items needed to support the trek and events. Please email us! We cannot do this alone!

Please contact us by sending us an email and let us know how you can support. 

You can also support by buying a tee-shirt, hat or hoodie.

Free shipping in Canada

It's only through the coming together of the great people of Canada that we'll be able to achieve great things for our support charities... You can help in a whole bunch of ways in your local area as we roll through...

We've refused to give up.  Cancer doesn't stop due to unfortunate events... it's relentless. Stroke doesn't wait for a convenient time. And in fighting it, we must be relentless. And what a challenge!!! Even more important than ever is the need for great people to come together to win. We've conquered Canada's 7700 kilometers assisted by amazing people all over Canada. Thank you to the great hearts all across this country!

This is such an amazing Conquest, and not for just for us, it's for the team! We're looking for team members in all capacities. You can meet some of the wonderful people here and on our Facebook page (Long For Life Canada). We'd love to have you join us!!

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